November 26, 2011

Houma radio station

Houma Indian station hits airwaves

Tribal leaders see it as a way to communicate with members, especially during hurricanes.

By Nikki Buskey
United Houma Nation members can now turn their radio dials to a station of their own.

The American Indian tribe has launched a project years in the making, going on-air with its first radio station aimed at providing a place members can go for news during times of disaster, said Kirk Cheramie, station manager.

“It’s awesome,” said United Houma Nation Chief Thomas Dardar. “It’s going to give us the opportunity to reach our citizens with information and updates during a hurricane.”

The station went on the air three weeks ago as KUHN 88.9 FM, Voice of the United Houma Nation, Cheramie said. The signal, broadcast from the United Houma Nation tribal office in Golden Meadow, can only reach about 6 or 7 miles now, and residents of south Lafourche from Larose to Fourchon can pick it up, as well as residents of Pointe-aux-Chenes and Lafitte.

But tribal members anywhere in the world can also listen to the radio station online at the United Houma Nation’s website,
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