November 19, 2011

Metal bands at Exposed Music Festival

Bloodline aids effort to promote local bands

By Jan-Mikael PattersonLoren Anthony and his heavy metal band Bloodline are looking to raise some money so they can continue to hit the road showcasing their brand of metal music and talents.

The band is headlining a show tonight at The Juggernaut Hookah Lounge and Performing Arts called the "Exposed Music Festival."
And:"Because of our Web sites and fan base we're categorize in this region as the number one group and that's how they started working with us," Anthony said.

The ranking is based solely on the band and Anthony's constant outreach to the band's loyal fans through social mediums like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter.

"The thing about it for us is that we make sure we maintain that connection with our fans on a consistent basis," Anthony said, noting that he devotes a lot of time to social networking to promote the band.
And:The bands listed to perform include Dying Tribe, Incide, Tribus, Shadow Remain, The Creeping Puppets, The Broken Circle, Morbid Justice, Heavy Metal Blood Drive, Bear Paws, Funerary Beliefs and Rose Beneath.

"A lot of the bands that are coming out are going to be scouted...for potential artist development deals and record label deals and touring stuff," Anthony said. "So I thought I would get the bands I thought that need that spotlight, that need that something to give them that extra push even if they don't go out on tour."
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Navajo Metal Band Salvation's Lost and Metal-Punk Concert at Navajo Fair.

Below:  "The band Bloodline is headlining a show tonight at The Juggernaut in Gallup called the Exposed Music Festival."

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