September 18, 2009

Metal-punk concert at Navajo fair

No faint hearts at metal-punk concert

By Jason Begay[T]he five-hour long show served a specific type of music fan. One that is commonly overlooked by the fair and its family oriented festivities.

"There's country everywhere," said Randall Hoskie, with Rancid Savage Productions, which coordinated the show. "There's hip-hop everywhere. It's the rock, metal and punk where we try to fill the void."
And:The bands were mostly local acts–Demise from Gallup, Salvation's Lost from the Western Agency, One Bullet Away and Ethnic De Generation from Kayenta, and Unsheathe from Tuba City.

Ryan Hoskie's favorite of the bunch was Demise, which played traditional thrash metal. ... However, the biggest crowd pleaser of the night was Unsheathed, the five-man group that played Swedish-influenced black metal.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Blackfire and the Native Legacy and When Your Hands Are Tied.

Below:  "Johnny Whitton, guitarist and vocalist for the California-based punk band Collinz Room, plays in the early hours of Sept. 12 at Day Customs, just west of the fairgrounds, in Window Rock." (Special to the Times--Stacy Thacker)

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Anonymous said...

"Thrash" and "Black Metal"? That's the kind of stuff I used to listened to. But back during my H.S. in the late 90's Both Death Metal and Hardcore dominated the underground scene.

Shadow Wolf--