September 29, 2009

Twilight Weekly's Korey video

Recently we learned the Quileute Nation was going to appear on Twilight Weekly: Spotlight, a cable TV show dedicated to Twilight. Here's a video from the Quileute episode.

Korey says she had a "weird brainstorm" that people might want to know more about the real Quileute Indians. Yeah, I had that same thought when I first heard about Twilight two years ago. Better late than never, Tinsel.

Korey said that "our Native teachings" impelled her to give back to the Quileute people. So she's officially on record claiming that she's a Native. Now the only question is whether she's telling the truth.

For more on the subject, see Tinsel Korey Answers Critics and Tinsel Korey Comes Clean?


Anonymous said...

So the tribe isn't all that concerned about hypocrites and imposters amidst, they're in it for the money and the attention, I suppose.
Then again, its not politics. So the question of Tinsel's true identity will be ignored.

m. said...

Wow. Such profound words from the mouths of liars.

I had no idea there were a general set of "Native teachings" one could learn from! I must inform myself, are these anything like the teachings of Ward Churchill? Just think, in order to improve ourselves and our communities many of us have been wasting our time gaining knowledge through lived experience and relying on our elders' wisdom...well, that's just outdated. And so is being a real Indian, apparently.

Oh, wait; the "teachings" she subscribes to are just vague notions. I wonder if she gets to pick-and-choose which philosophies and traditions suit her best depending on her mood, like she is at a pan-Indian banquet? I mean, she did it with her race/culture.

I really don't understand how the Quileute people she met up with couldn't tell she's not Native. As one of my friends said, "It's only written all over her face."