September 18, 2009

Teacher angry about turd

Unbreakable--Teacher angry about turdFrom the Everglades episode Unbreakable series originally aired on Channel 5. The Native American instructor, Teacher, gets angry about someone leaving a turd close to the camp.

This footage is from the airing of the series in Norway, so the narrator and subtitles are in Norwegian. The location given on the map is approximate.

Why does Teacher go off on Barnaby? Check Barnaby's face as they talk, and you'll catch a momentary curl of his lips. That's called a micro expression, and indicates disgust. I think Teacher caught something on Barnaby's face prior to the confrontation between them.

Comment:  Duane Loken, the actor who plays Teacher, warned us the show is "lighthearted and good natured entertainment, rather than something to be picked apart for absolute extreme accuracy." I think he's right about that. He doesn't seem anything like a wise Native elder who'd deserve the title "Teacher." Like many reality shows, Unbreakable seems vaguely ridiculous.

For more on the subject, see Teacher in Unbreakable and TV Shows Featuring Indians.

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