September 25, 2009

Indians join the Big Shot

A Brilliant Shot in the Dark

Flashlight-Toting Volunteers Needed For Museum Photo

By Ruth McCann
Bill, 62, and Dawn, 58, first decided they wanted to bring the Big Shot to the Museum of the American Indian after visiting the striking, seemingly undulating building last year. Since this Big Shot is part of the museum's fifth anniversary festivities, many members of the Native American community are expected to turn out.

Jamie Gomez, a member of Alaska's Tlingit tribe who works in Washington at the National Congress of the American Indian, plans on bringing her two sons, ages 6 and 9, to the event.

"They're very excited," says Gomez, 33. "They're trying to convince me to let them each bring two flashlights."
Below:  "In 2003, Stockholm's Royal Palace was lit by 350 flashlight-wielding volunteers for this photograph. Saturday, the National Museum of the American Indian gets its turn." (Rochester Institute Of Technology Big Shot)

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