November 12, 2011

Modern-day Coyote tales

George’s Coyote tale a remarkable one

By Wilfred WoodsStories of Coyote are part of the heritage of Native Americans, and there are many of them. Wendell George of Omak has written a new book, his first, he says, recounting Coyote stories. But his tales are not a simple re-telling of old stories that had a moral twist.

His Coyote stories include current events, history, science, and spirituality, and he cites modern authors and recent science as well. His intent, he says, is to use Indian culture to cope with the difficult problems we face in the future.

George is a member of the small Entiat tribe, a great-grandson of Chief Chilcosahaskt of Entiat. George has been an active member of the Colville Confederation, is a former Wenatchee Valley College trustee, and has been an Omak School Board member for the last six years.
Comment:  For more on Coyote tales, see Klamath, Modoc Tales Become Plays and Chicago Tribune Reviews Trickster.

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