October 12, 2013

NCAI report slams "Redskins"

5 Reasons NCAI’s Report Says Redskins Is a ‘Racist and Ugly’ WordThis week, the National Congress of American Indians released a 29 page report detailing why the Washington Redskins team name has an “ugly and racist legacy.”

The report, titled, “Ending the Legacy of Racism in Sports & the Era of Harmful ‘Indian’ Sports Mascots” and calls on the NFL, MLB, NHL, other professional sports leagues, and all associated businesses to end the era of harmful ‘Indian’ mascots.
Racism of Sports Logos Put Into Context By American Indian GroupAn American Indian organization has shed new light on the context of how offensive and racist sports team images like the Cleveland Indians and Washington Redskins is to their community.

The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) published a powerful poster featuring two baseball hats that each have a stereotypical racist image of a Jewish man and Chinese man to show it has the same connotation as the Cleveland Indians. The hats were titled “New York Jews” and “San Francisco Chinamen.”

The quote on the poster reads, “No race, creed or religion should endure the ridicule faced by the Native Americans today. Please help us put an end to this mockery and racism by visiting www.ncai.org.”

The organization has spent years trying to get offensive sports team names and logos changed like the Cleveland Indians and Washington Redskins professional teams.
I've seen this image of the caps before. I have it on my Blue Corn Comics website.

The article doesn't say the image is new; only that the NCAI used it in a poster. But apparently there was some confusion on the point.

Controversial Sports Mascots Not New; Released More Than a Decade Ago, NCAI SaysAccording to Slate, news media reported that the poster was “new” and was released recently by the National Congress of American Indians because of the Redskins name change controversy.

But an NCAI source told ICTMN that those reports are inaccurate. The poster, shown above, is not a new one. It was originally published and distributed by the NCAI more than a decade ago. The organization said that what’s “new” is that people are finally paying attention to the Redskins controversy and have merely “stumbled upon” the image during their reporting.

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