October 03, 2013

TV networks should challenge "Redskins"

Hey, Broadcast Chiefs: Time To Tackle Redskins’ Racist Mascot Problem

TV networks need to take the lead in nickname scrum

By Steven Gaydos
Perhaps the most overdue demonstration of one scintilla of the testosterone that drives the multibillion dollar sports broadcasting industry is for one leading figure from CBS, ESPN, Fox, NBC et al to stand up to the dude who owns the Washington Redskins and say, “We think your refusal to change the name of your franchise stinks.”

Perhaps that could be phrased in a slightly less contentious, confrontational manner, but hey, this is the big-time macho, masculine world of concussions, blown knees and lots of violent felony convictions.

Could the television, radio and online folks making billions off all of the crashing and banging on field demonstrate that they have one tiny gonad between all of them?

Or do the riches they make off the NFL render them as impotent as a pep squad full of castratos?
More opposition to the "Redskins" nickname:

Indian rapper wants you to "Say No to the R Word"

By Erik BradyThe protest over Indian team names in sports has taken another turn with release of "Say No to the R Word," a new song from Alvin Shawn Enfinger, an American Indian rap artist popularly known as Shadowyze (pronounced "shadow wise").

The R Word is a reference to the team name of the Washington pro football club. Shadowyze, who is of Muskogee-Creek, Cherokee and Irish-Swedish heritage, wears a T-shirt on the CD cover with a slash through the letter R.

Here is an excerpt:

Indian eyes are watching TV

Watching oppression as a rolling sea

Looking at a logo of an ugly face

And calling it Indian is such a disgrace
Comment:  So Variety the industry "bible" is getting involved? That means Hollywood execs may starting taking notice. If TV networks begin applying pressure, you can kiss the nickname good-bye.

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