January 01, 2014

"Native American Clothes" in Angry Birds Go!

You've heard of the Angry Birds phone app. Apparently Roxio, the maker of Angry Birds, has put out a whole bunch of games under the Angry Birds Go! banner.

One of these is an electronic version of a paper doll called Native American Clothes:Game description:

Can you help this cute native american girl to choose the best native dress?
The image below gives you a good idea of the game:

On the positive side:

  • Only a few of the dresses are "traditional." Most are modern with a few Native or Western touches.

  • The same applies to the accessories such as footwear and jewelry.

  • Only one of her hairstyles, the braids, is "Native." The rest are varied.

  • The four skin colors range from cream to tan. There's no assumption that she must have brown skin--or worse, pinkish-red skin.

  • On the negative side:

  • One of her accouterments is a Plains headdress traditionally worn only by revered male chiefs.

  • The background shows teepees and cactus against green hills--no modern civilization in sight.

  • Stereotypical flute music plays unless you turn it off.

  • An initial map displays about 20 reservations--all in the West between the coast and the Mississippi. The only item I could identify with one tribe, the skirt shown above, is from Florida's Seminoles, who aren't on the map.

  • The overall impression is that there's only one kind of Native, one culture, and one style of dress. In short, the game is painfully generic.

    As my comments suggest, "Native American Clothes" could be better, could be worse. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but all the "Pocahotties" in buckskin skirts could learn something about what today's Indians wear.

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