July 06, 2006

French Lakota super-sorcerer

Some Indian comic-book characters from across the Atlantic:

OzarkPOWERS: Master magician capable of using a variety of spells to achieve a number of physical and supernatural effects, such as the "Light of Kelios" to see through illusions and lies, and the Shield of Kronan to prortect himself against supernatural attacks. Telepathic communication with Mustang.

WEAPONRY: Mustang (sacred horse embodying the mystic powers of the Lakota), Wa-Tan-Peh's amulet.

BIOGRAPHY: A dying shaman, Wa-Tan-Peh, gave young Lakota Russell Red Horse, nicknamed Ozark (because he was raised in the Ozark Mountains), a magic amulet that enabled him to summon Mustang, the sacred horse who is the mystic embodiment of his people.

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