July 27, 2006

Upgrading the site

If you haven't already, check out the new design of the Blue Corn Comics home page. I trust you'll find it improved.


Anonymous said...

It could use a few minor improvements. It would be nice to be able to click on more than one or two of the links in the page without having to scroll down.

The suggestions:

- Get rid of the tan bar underneath the logo. This allows one more scrolled-off item to appear on the main page.

- Change it so the "Peace Party" title-only graphic in the middle column goes alongside the text (perhaps to the right using an align tag). Then the text("Multicultural....") could start at the top, making room for other items ("Newspaper Rock", "Reality Bites" to appear on the main page without having to scroll. This graphic title might not even be needed anyway: you can't click on it for anything, and it is a little redundant to the comic-covers seen on the left.

- Get rid of the Ads by Google on the right. Does anyone click on them anyway? You have to scroll to the right even see them. Right now, all that peeks out is "Alaska" and "Metropolis", and those words do not intice me to look further. The "Ads by Google" near the very bottom don't have this problem.

Rob said...

What browser are you using? In both IE and Firefox, I can see the first two groups of bullet points in the central section without scrolling. That includes the entire "News and Reviews" section.

It's always good to put more items on the initial screen, but I can see the first five links without scrolling. I guess you're not seeing what I'm seeing.