July 20, 2006

Indians at the 2006 Comic-Con

My pal Victor Rocha and I, along with friend Taylor, attended the San Diego Comic-Con today. If you haven't heard, it's the biggest comic-book convention in the world.

You won't find many Indians there. But since Victor is a Pechanga Indian and I'm an FOV (friend of Victor), we practically count as Indians (plural).

As usual, I looked for multicultural comics. As usual, I didn't find many. There were a few black comics and that was about it.

But I did come across a Native-themed comic called BLACKFOOT BRAVES SOCIETY that's supposed to come out soon. I'll report on it when I get more information.

For my photos of the Con, see San Diego Comic-Con--July 20, 2006. For more on the subject, see Thoughts on the San Diego Comic-Con 2000+.

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