July 20, 2006

My take on Black Cloud

I'd say Black Cloud isn't as good as the glowing praise, but isn't as bad as the critical pans. Here's how I see it.

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Anonymous said...

you're too kind here, rob. i'd give "black cloud" a 4 rating. here's why--the dialogue made me wince and there were enough stereotypes to offend everybody: the angry young native; fat, lecherous bigot; vicious redneck. yes, i would agree that there were several high points--mostly the acting by russell means and nathaniel arcand, but they weren't onscreen enough to offset eddie spear's scene chewing overacting and rick schroder's sophmoric script.

Rob said...

I don't necessarily rate a film low because of its stereotypes. Sometimes I can enjoy a film viscerally while noting the stereotypes intellectually.

Almost every Native-themed film by non-Indians has some stereotypes, yet I rarely rate such films lower than a 6.0 or a 7.0. Often they accomplish something artistically despite the stereotypes.

Anonymous said...
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