September 30, 2006

Buzzing about Mel

Outcast Mel sells his film the hard wayHe has screened it at a science fiction festival in Texas, carefully nurturing Knowles's participation. He has also shown it at several locations in Oklahoma, Youngblood's home state. The audiences, mostly native American, reacted positively. The result has been a sudden buzz of anticipation about the film and Gibson's first positive PR since his late-night arrest in Malibu.

Yet he has not entirely been able to escape new controversy. Though The Passion established him as a darling of the right, Apocalypto seems to court a more liberal audience. Gibson sees a link between the collapsing Mayan world and the policies of the White House, and has likened the human sacrifice in the film to the waste of US soldiers' lives in Iraq.
See Apocalypto Now for my summary of all things related to Gibson's movie.

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