September 26, 2006

An Oscar for Gibson?

For Mel Gibson, a New Movie and More NotorietyAn early look at the movie—which is scheduled for release by Disney on Dec. 8—shows it to have at least some of the earmarks of an Oscar picture, including epic sweep and considerable ambition. The movie, shot entirely in an ancient Indian dialect, tells the story of a peaceful Mayan village that is violently conquered one morning by another Mayan tribe. Many of the inhabitants are brutally killed, and others are taken captive.

The story focuses on one villager, a man named Jaguar Paw, played by an American Indian newcomer named Rudy Youngblood, who survives the attack and struggles to escape captivity and save his wife and child.

In the course of the adventure, Mr. Gibson’s film portrays life in a huge Mayan city, constant warfare, slave culture and chilling scenes of human sacrifice.
Comment:  You can see a long trailer on the movie's official website. Check it out. Apocalypto may be violent and bloody, but it also looks like it could be the most spectacular movie about Natives ever.


Rob said...

I don't want to create a positive buzz for a right-winger like Gibson. But judging by the trailer, Apocalypto does look gorgeous. I'm willing to speculate that it deserves a nomination for art direction, at least.

On the other hand, I get the sense that people are correct in saying the movie is bloody and violent. It appears to focus on warfare and human sacrifice as if that's all the Maya did. If that's the case, Gibson is likely to win a big, fat Stereotype of the Month award.

Rob said...

Maybe it's just the resolution, but the image looks like it could be a painting. But watch the trailer. I don't think you'll see much that looks like CGI.

Rob said...

I suggest you get the novelizations of the animated Star Trek by Alan Dean Foster. They add the depth that was necessarily missing in the half-hour shows. Foster's version of Yesteryear is one of the best Trek stories ever.