September 11, 2006

Five years later....

On the fifth anniversary of 9/11, it's good to remember the Native perspective on terrorism:

Native Intelligence:  The Long View


writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Five years seems a long time, but the angers and sorrows of that time in 2001 only were reduced by context, not by distance or logic or introspection. Yesterday, still the calls rang out for action, still the 'wars' raged on in Iraq and Afghanistan, still the idealogues used the events to justify personal vengeance and ambitions.
I as a Native writer could only sit and watch and be thankful that many of the guns that once were aimed at my people now are continents away, being aimed at people other than my own. For you see, the guns never went away; they merely were being held in abeyance, waiting for their next targets, new or old.
All Best
Russ Bates

Rob said...

At the time, I wrote that 9/11 would turn out to be the most overrated event in US history. I'm standing by that prediction....