September 05, 2006

Preview of Pathfinder

A Frazetta Painting Come to Life:  CBR's "Pathfinder" Set VisitDid you ever play Cowboys and Indians as you were growing up? Most people would probably answer "yes" to this question. After all, running around with cap guns and whooping it up in an un-PC manner is almost a rite of childhood. Now, can you imagine getting the opportunity to do it again as an adult? Better yet--try upping the ante: how about Vikings and Indians?

CBR News had the fortune of witnessing such a battle during a set visit last December to the 20th Century Fox film "Pathfinder." Directed by Marcus Nispel (helmer of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" remake), the film is a remake of a 1987 Norwegian film called "Ofelas." It tells the story of a Viking expedition to North America that ends in tragedy. The only survivor of the trip is a little boy that a local Indian tribe takes in and raises as their own. When the boy grows older, another group of Vikings arrives and plans on raiding the villages. It's then up to the young man to protect the Indian tribe and save his adopted family. Karl Urban ("The Bourne Supremacy") plays the young man, and is joined by a cast that includes Clancy Brown, Ralf Moeller, Russell Means, and Moon Bloodgood.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to give you a heads up that the release date for Pathfinder has been pushed back until January 12, not September as the article indicates.

Rob said...

I found Scott Grimes, who played Tehan the redheaded Kiowa, to be one of the least convincing actors in the series. If you ask me, he has too much of a modern sensibility to play a 19th century youth. But he's good as Morris, the obnoxious ER doctor.

Anyway, thanks for the inside scoop on

babycalf said...

Hey what was Khol-Ah-Khoy's real last name. I think that I am related to you.