November 11, 2006

Are Indians Taiwanese?

An American Indian-East Asian Connection?


Anonymous said...


Well I must admit, the title of your post strikes me (at first glance) as an intellectually dishonest representation of my own post: I posited the possibility of an "American Indian-East Asian connection"; I posted a photograph I'd taken; and I offered up a brief anecdotal, open-ended, if suggestive, statement. Whereas the title of your post appears to deliberately narrow this point to a degree too absurd to discuss.

I didn't mean to suggest more than the possibility of an American Indian-East Asian connection. If you have strong views on the Bering Straits debate, fine. I don't. As I said: you be the judge.


Rob said...

People have posited that Indians came from various parts of Asia and the Pacific Islands, so I'd say it's a legitimate question. But I basically chose the title to have some fun. Your title, the actual title, is right below it, so there's no chance of anyone's being misled. In short, no offense or intellectual dishonesty intended.

Anonymous said...

If you look at all "aboriginal" people from around the world; Africa, Australia, Asia and America they all have similar dress and culture ie; feathers, animal parts, head bands, tribal customs, art, music and even tattoos. I could go on and on. This doesn't mean that Indians are directly related to the Taiwanese on the sole basis of vague similarities in indigenous dress.