November 12, 2006

From Turok to Peace Party

List of Native American superheroes


Rob said...

No, I wouldn't count Eagle Free as a superhero. By the same token, supporting characters such as Wyatt Wingfoot, Tom Corsi and Sharon Friedlander, and Running Fish of the Sunset Riders probably don't belong on the list either.

I'm sure a lot of us loved dinosaurs as kids. I still have my dinosaur books and models. If you haven't seen it, I recommend the Walking with Dinosaurs DVD from BBC TV.

Hoka-shay-honaqut said...

Here's the latest, a comic book series entiled Scalped. What were they thinking?

From the article:
" Jason Aaron: It's a crime series set on a modern-day Indian rez, involving casino gambling, warring factions of Traditionalist and Progressive Native Americans, family turmoil, loss of cultural identity, meth, sex, cows, chickens, the FBI and a murder mystery with roots in the militant, Red Power movement of the 1970s. "

Rob said...

I posted a preview of SCALPED a few days ago. If it portrays the dark side of life on the rez, that's not necessarily bad. The question will be whether it portrays both sides fairly or only one side unfairly.

Check back in January for the lowdown on this series.