November 27, 2006

Quinault plays the blues

Roger Cultee’s School of Rock“I wanted to go out on my own, create my own school of rock,” Roger says. “That’s why I went further than studying this month’s Britney Spears. I didn’t just want to follow the river; so to speak, I actually decided to go where the river is coming out of the ground. To the direct source.”

“That source,” he continues, “is the blues, coming out of the 20’s and 30’s all the way back to the field blues, like Robert Johnson—all the older generation guys. Every blues song is an Indian song; that’s my belief…The black man borrowed from the Indians the four-four beat because they were doing their poly-rhythm. So put together the poly-rhythm with a four-four beat, which is purely Indian, and you got your modern music. That’s why blues is an Indigenous musical form of America."

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