November 22, 2006

Missing:  Native voices

The Voices of Power and the Power of Voices:  Teaching with Native American LiteratureThe weight and thickness of Mike’s new literature book in English class intimidated him. He opened the book searching for Native American writers whose work he loved to read. Sherman Alexie was his favorite. As he fingered through the table of contents, all he found was a poem about Hiawatha, two stories in the mythology chapter, and one short story in the “Other Literatures” chapter in the back of the book. Sighing heavily, he gazed out the classroom window feeling bored and knowing that this English class would be more of the same. He closed his eyes and his mind, questioning the system and wondering to himself, “Why can’t we read the good stuff in English class?”

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Rob said...

Don't a lot of schools require teachers to choose between the textbooks on hand? Or between those on an approved list? I doubt teachers can go out and buy whatever books they want.