February 08, 2007

A Native view of SCALPED

'Scalped' paints a rough picture of the reservationThe comic succeeds in both respects with stark--and mature--images such as a corrupt casino owner sitting next to a man he just scalped or alcoholics crossing the border into Nebraska to buy some beer.

The scenes seem too real to come from a wasichu who's never even been to the Pine Ridge reservation--which served as a model to Aaron's comic book setting. And I wonder if this cautionary thought is simply the byproduct of me working at a PC-conscious newspaper or the harbinger of skepticism to come. So I called Gabe Night Shield.

The Sioux Falls rapper grew up on the Rosebud reservation and is an avid comic book fan who lights up with excitement the rare times we talk about comics. When asked if Aaron's white skin and lack of first hand reservation experience bothers him, Night Shield says, "I don't care.

"I think it's cool. I went down and bought (the comic) as soon as I read about it," Night Shield says. "It's very rare that something like that has to do with Native Americans that's not stereotypical."
Comment:  Huh? Night Shield must be thinking of old stereotypes, not new ones. The corrupt casino owner and crime-ridden rez are among the most common stereotypes in the media today.

Again, see SCALPED:  Another Comic Book Gets Indians Wrong for my rebuttal.

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