February 08, 2007

A fundamenalist view of Apocalypto

Apocalypto Should Be Required Viewing for Those Indoctrinated with the Humanistic Prejudices Against ChristianityThe brutality and cruelty of the Mayan society has been well documented and has been confirmed by archeological excavations which have uncovered huge graveyards of many hundreds of thousands of skeletons, and skull racks with tens of thousands of skulls impaled on poles. It is estimated that the ritual sacrifice of humans to Aztec gods reached up to 50,000 a year, and by the Mayans over 20,000 a year, before the Spaniards invaded and put an end to this holocaust of human sacrifice.

It is remarkable how many archeologists and historians, while acknowledging that the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas had not yet invented the wheel, continuously describe these societies as "sophisticated", "high cultures", "extremely advanced and complex", with "intricate", economic systems, etc. While off-handedly acknowledging that their tremendous architectural achievements were actually built by slave labour, and were in fact for human sacrifices (to make the sun rise each day), the enthusiasm and admiration for these decadent and brutal slave masters and mass murderers is extraordinary. Anyone tempted to join this love affair of so many Humanists for the Mayan and Aztec "civilizations" need to see this film.
Comment:  It was good of this evangelist to make Apocalypto's implicit message explicit. Of course, some critics understood and explained the movie's subtext, but most missed it entirely.

See This Ain't No Party, This Ain't No Disco:  A Columbus Day Rant and The Myth of Western Superiority for a response to this fellow's way of "thinking."

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Rob said...

Curiously, I think most fundamentalists worship the Old Testament rather than the New Testament. Jesus is too much of a radical socialist do-gooder for them.