February 08, 2007

An Indian-vampire pact

A Book With Some Bite“Twilight,” by Stephenie Meyer, is your classic “vampire falls in love with a human girl and tries to pursue a relationship against all odds” story. Isabella (Bella) Swan, 17, is still in high school and meets Edward Cullens, a 17-or-so-year-old, who is secretly a vampire. Although the story takes place in high school, those of us who have graduated years ago will still enjoy this book, a sinfully delicious break from reality.

When Bella first meets Edward, he appears to hate her without ever having talked to her. Bella figures out that Edward isn’t a normal high school junior. Jacob, a teenager of the Quileutes tribe, tells Bella some scary stories about the “cold ones,” or vampires, and about a treaty between the two. Bella connects the facts and figures out that Edward is a “cold one.” Adding an interesting element to the plot, the Cullens have a treaty with the Quileutes allowing the Cullens to live in Forks as long as if they don’t harm any humans. In return, the Quileutes can’t expose the Cullens as cold ones to the human population.

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