February 04, 2007

Wade Wofford, RIP

Wade Wofford (Cherokee) was an occasional correspondent and commentator on BlueCornComics.com. Alas, he recently died:

One of us is gone--RIP KenucheloverIt is with very deep regret that I must pass on a message from Giselle Horvat which she received from Tammy Wofford, the wife of Wade Wofford (Kenuchelover).

He died of a heart attack on November 24th last year. He was in 43 and in good health at the time.

He will be sorely missed.
Some comments from forum posters:I am totally shocked and saddened. He was one of my favorite posters and a veritable fountain of informed and documented information. The level of discourse on this board will be greatly diminished by his absence.

I always wondered who the person who "keneuchelover" was. While everybody else was impressed with his knowledge of Native American History and lore. It was his knowledge of genetics and biology that bowled me over. He was clearly at or near world class level or at the very least very, very gifted in that field. There are no words that can express when somebody that young dies.

Wade was a uniquely talented individual. He almost always brought a perspective to a discussion that no one else had yet considered. I have only recently completed a composition of my basic theories. He was one of those few people whose opinion I looked forward to, whether he agreed with me or not.
Wade wrote some brilliant analyses of Native issues for Blue Corn Comics. He used equal measures of facts and evidence, wit and sarcasm. Here are some of his best postings:

Should Indians cling to reservations?
Genocide by any other name...
Kennewick Man, Captain Picard, and political correctness
Kinky Indian sex
Was Native defeat inevitable?
Zagar the horrible

And in the Stereotype of the Month contest:

National Geographic:  only 1 million Natives pre-1492
Republican Senate candidate says Cherokees aren't Indians
"Self-segregated" Indians should "embrace assimilation"
"Noble Savage Indianism" is Indians' "fantasy group heritage"
Numb3rs:  European skull threatens Indian land, casino rights
Columbus parade extols "diversity that makes America great"

Here's a complete list of Wade's writings on BlueCornComics.com:

Wade Wofford

Wade's work lives on on my site, which (I hope) will be around permanently. Thanks for everything, friend.


Rob said...

Did you want to take a shower by any chance? ;-)

I don't think Wade Wofford was a public figure like you or me. He simply wrote Net-based analyses as a sidelight to his private life.

Rob said...

Incidentally, if anyone wants to follow in Wade's footsteps and write analyses or commentaries for Blue Corn Comics, please do. I need all the help I can get. ;-)