November 08, 2009

Satire:  Indians protest "red state"

Indian Organization Files Lawsuit To Stop The Use Of The Phrase "Red State"

By Abel RodriguezThe Oklahoma based Coalition Helping Indians Enjoy Fairness (CHIEF) has filed a national lawsuit against the Democratic Party asking that they stop using the phrase Red State when referring to states that lean toward the Democrat party.

Chief Gift Horse-In-The-Mouth of the Comanche tribe and president of CHIEF, said that within the past year alone he has received over 700,000 emails from concerned Native Americans stating that each time that they hear the term Red State it greatly offends them, upsets them, and in some cases it makes them vomit.

In a related story. Noted Indian author Evelyn Eager Beaver has just released her new book entitled "How" which is based on General George Armstrong Custer's belief that Sitting Bull's Oglala Sioux had WMDs (Wigwams of Mass Destruction).

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.
Comment:  Sure it's a satire or parody. It's a satire or parody of Natives and their alleged hypersensitivity to slights. It mocks their regalia, their naming conventions, and their concern for racism and stereotyping.

Using a picture of Obama as the stereotypical chief only confirms the message. Liberals like Obama and Indians are too sensitive to offenses. They're trying to impose "political correctness." They aren't protesting legitimate cases of prejudice; they're making up these cases out of thin air.

Ha ha...very funny. What's next...a satire about drunken Indians? About Indian war dances? About phony Indians opening a casino? Oh, wait...all these offensive and insulting satires have been done already.

For more on the subject, see Confusing "Red" and "Redskins."

Below:  "Chief Gift Horse-In-The-Mouth, the president of CHIEF."


dmarks said...

Not only that, but they got the state colors backwards. They should sue Republicans instead!

m. said...

^ 'Exactly' to what the commenter above said.

This "satire" makes me vomit. Not just because it's racist dribble, but rather because I am offended by sad attempts at humor. I actually feel embarrassed for the person who wrote it, like I do for all people who aren't naturally funny and try to be.