April 16, 2010

Brainstorming Avatar 2 with Indians

James Cameron Meeting With Brazilian Native Tribes To Brainstorm Avatar 2Where are you right now in production with Avatar 2?

We are nowhere. We have a commitment that we want to make it. We have to work out a deal with Fox to make it. Fox wants us to make it. We've chosen on our own side to keep these people on as our team. We're continually thinking about it. We recently made a trip down to Brazil and learned a lot. Not just about the world and what's going on the issues there, but how it relates to Avatar and the world of Pandora. Jim meeting indigenous tribes down there, we are a culmination of our past experiences. And these experiences like in Brazil and presenting on the 24th, Avatar to the indigenous tribes United Nation here in New York. All of that is going to inform us about Avatar 2.

What is the green message of Avatar?

What I think people take away, or what it was intended to be—I think it's all different. What I think has happened, having been around the world with the film....The movie opens with eyes open, and it ends with eyes open. I think there's an awakening of people. It's something that they are more conscious of. I don't think they've necessarily figured it out for themselves.And the movie doesn't intend to preach. There are no facts, no information is being given. It just basically says, "Hey, this is something for you to think about. And for you to make your own choices." Someone said this to me—and I think this is really great—"After I saw Avatar, I noticed for the first time the oak tree that's been in my front yard for 15 years."
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Dam Suspended with Cameron's Help and Indigenous Values in Avatar.


dmarks said...

Well, this is an indicator that the second movie might have a similar environmental-battle plot.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of SF, this may be of interest: Imagining Indigenousfuturisms: Science Fiction Writing Contest.