April 20, 2010

From calendar model to Warrior

Cody Jones rising Native star

By Rachel FlorianoCody Jones, one of the hottest new talents today, isn’t getting much sleep. He schedules his interview for 9:00 a.m. so he can “sleep in” because he worked late shooting the popular TV show Deadliest Warrior. Being an early riser can probably be traced back to his rural upbringing. Cody (Eastern Shoshone) grew up on a ranch in Wyoming. As a boy, he never dreamed of being an actor or moving to Hollywood. “I wanted to be like my grandfather. I just wanted to be a good cowboy,” said Cody. So, Cody learned everything he could about horses. Little did he know that his riding skills would launch his acting career.

From grueling stunt work on Steven Spielberg’s Into the West to a lacrosse player in the film Warrior, starring Twilight favorites Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz, Cody is quickly making his mark in Hollywood. In Warrior, Cody was at an advantage since he played lacrosse in his youth. “They needed an actor who knew the rules of the game,” Cody said. From playing lacrosse as a child to playing with superstar Kellan Lutz, Cody’s career has certainly taken off.
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