April 16, 2010

Winona LaDuke changed our world

125 Women Who Changed Our WorldSome made music, some made noise, all made a difference. We celebrate 125 women who, during the past 125 years, broke records, broke ground, blazed trails, and suffered trials, shattering ceilings of glass and even tougher stuff. While some are obvious choices and some obscure, all acted to increase our liberty, safety, and prosperity. One of them makes the best lemon meringue pie ever. We honor these matron saints whose work continues to bring pleasure, save lives, and widen the scope of little girls' dreams.The only Native entry is at no. 61:Winona LaDuke

Native American Activist and Environmentalist

A member of the Anishinaabe nation, she filed lawsuits to recover lands withheld from Native American communities, reminding the nation of long-standing wrongs.
Comment:  A few of the others have Native blood, but I don't think any of them have claimed to be Native. A couple more--Annie Oakley and Dorothea Lange--are associated with Natives.

I might've include one more Native woman. Wilma Mankiller would've been an obvious choice. But for such a small population, 1 of 118 is a fair percentage.

For more on the subject, see Warrant Issued for LaDuke and LaDuke on Colbert Report.

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