April 24, 2010

Morales:  Obama takes vengeance against Indians

Bolivian President Evo Morales on President Obama:  “I Can’t Believe a Black President Can Hold So Much Vengeance Against an Indian President”AMY GOODMAN:  We’re talking to President Evo Morales, the president of Bolivia. Yesterday at the Earth Day rally, the foreign minister of Ecuador said that the US had cut two-and-a-half million dollars to Ecuador because they didn’t sign onto the Copenhagen Accord. He said he would give two-and-a-half million dollars to the United States if they signed onto the Kyoto Protocol. Bolivia, the US cut two-and-a-half million dollars, or $3 million, because you didn’t sign onto the Copenhagen Accord. Can you explain what happened?

PRESIDENT EVO MORALES:  [translated] The thing is that there’s permanent sabotage and blackmail from the US government. I cannot believe that a black president can have so much vengeance with an Indian president, because our grandparents and our populations, black and indigenous, have been excluded, marginalized, humiliated. That’s where Obama is coming from, from that experience and that suffering. And me, too. And so, it’s one who’s been discriminated against discriminating against another who’s been discriminated against, one oppressed who is oppressing another oppressed. So much blackmail, and the so much blackmail we had experienced before, and now I’m being subject to $3 million blackmail.

But it’s with great pride and humility that we’re now better off without the United States. We’re better off economically. And in terms of macroeconomic policy, we’re better off without the International Monetary Fund.

AMY GOODMAN:  What was the $3 million supposed to be for, before it was cut?

PRESIDENT EVO MORALES:  [translated] Of course, for social programs, as well as environmental programs, but that’s just $3 million. In terms of fighting drug trafficking, they have the responsibility to make an investment, and that it’s not just a question of cooperation, it’s a matter of an obligation on their part. Nonetheless, they have pulled out, and we are facing drug trafficking alone—some crumb to make it seem like something, certainly. And so, for example, I had information that they were going to invest in the Millennium Development Account, like $600 million, and they withdrew all of it. And so, we worked this out with other countries. We’re talking about investment. One is not going to raise that claim about this. We are a country of dignity.

But what they do is take vengeance, intimidate. And that is why my doubt is, one who has been subjugated, one’s family has been subjugated to discrimination, is now president; how is it possible that he can discriminate against another movement that has been discriminated against? It is the peoples who will hear.

AMY GOODMAN:  Do you see a change between President Bush and President Obama?

PRESIDENT EVO MORALES:  [translated] If something is changed, it’s just the color of the president that’s changed.
Comment:  Sounds petty of Obama to withhold $3 million in aid because Bolivia refused to sign the weak Copenhagen Accord. Especially since the US didn't let Bolivia, other small nations, and indigenous groups negotiate the accord.

For more on the subject, see Climate-Change Conference in Bolivia and Indians Fight Back in Latin America.


Anonymous said...

If the Armenian GENOcide happened 95 years ago, maybe 5 years from now, on its 100th anniversary, will then be officially deemed as a "GENOcide'?

As for the query regarding what will Obama do first? From the looks of it, as reported by Rice, I am gonna go with #3. Chances of him signing the Declaration of Rights for Indigenous Peoples is a possibility. About 50-50 chance.
Otherwise, Rob is correct, Obama would be just another pondering politician(as most of them are).


dmarks said...

The Morales quote "I cannot believe that a black president can have so much vengeance with an Indian president" shows him as some sort of racist who is quick to play the race card.

The chances that Morales' rule will turn out anything better than disastrous are rather slim. It's hard to think of one leader who has vowed to bring about a socialist transformation who hasn't brought about massive oppression, genocide, and the like. If he bucks that trend it might be a first. But baahing a foreign leader for his skin color is not a good sign.

Bash Obama for being a "pandering politician" all you want. But not for his skin color.

Kevin said...

I think Morales has had a remarkable career and has shown a great deal of ingenuity in organizing people and has, as far as I can tell, lived up to his own ideology. But power + a self-image as an iconoclast + incomplete formal education will lead to some crackpot ideas. I mean, I suppose it doesn't really matter politically that he believes hormones in chickens make you gay, but it does make it harder to trust his judgment, which will hurt him when he has legitimate issues like this one.

m. said...

Re: aforementioned 'crackpot ideas' that Kevin brings up, Evo Morales is homophobic. It's one thing that Indians have to adopt European political ideals to make it, but it's painful to witness other Indians adopting Euro-brand heterosexism along the way. I guess Evo has forgotten that all of our peoples were originally accepting of what we now call 'two-spirits' prior to invasion. A real disappointment to read those chicken comments, and I was nothing short of embarrassed for him.

dmarks said...

"But power + a self-image as an iconoclast + incomplete formal education will lead to some crackpot ideas"

A perfect description of socialism, which is one of the worst ideas to come out of Europe.