December 17, 2011

What did Indians fight over?

A question:

Conservatives claim Indians 1) fought bloody wars before the Europeans came, and 2) had no sense of territorial rights or ownership. So what were they fighting over: which tribe had the best dance moves?

If you've got an answer, feel free to share it with us.  I'd love to hear all the answers that don't involve possession of the land and its resources.

For more on warlike Indians, see "Geronimo" = Codename for Step "G"? and Cree Win Fort Battleford Battle.


Jaine said...

“By women and land men are lost” (Maori proverb regarding prinicple causes of war (and yeah I know it's not the same as Native American cultures - it just popped into my head is all))

dmarks said...

Really though, nomads fight wars too. War unfortunately is part of the human condition.

Anonymous said...

It's all about the Creek Shuffle versus the Seminole Slide.

Rob said...

1) Most Indian tribes weren't nomadic. 2) What do nomads fight over besides control of the land?