May 10, 2015

Let's Honor the Real Warriors

Here's a piece I co-wrote to reiterate a point I've made before about Indian mascots.

Hey, Redskins Fans, Let's Honor the Real Warriors

By Ramone Romero and Rob SchmidtRecently Native American mascots have generated a lot of controversy. Apparently some Indians (67% according to a recent poll) don’t care for the honor this country has bestowed on them. This has sparked anger and conflict across the land.

We have a modest proposal to restore harmony to the sacred institution of sports mascotry. Rather than honor Indians, we should give the distinction to some heroes who unquestionably deserve it. A group of people we’ve never honored before as mascots.

We should give it to our troops.

Think about it: What other group so powerfully exemplifies courage, loyalty and fearlessness? What other group is more sports-like?
Below:  "The Louisville Snipers mow down their enemies in a hail of bodies."

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