July 14, 2015

David Guetta's racist Pocahottie promotion

David Guetta Releases Highly Racist Video Promo for "F*** Me I'm Famous"

By Matthew MeadowIt wasn’t even a week ago (3 days to be precise) that deadmau5 called out Pacha Ibiza and David Guetta for bringing a live horse into their club, endangering not only the horse, but the patrons who could have been injured were the horse sensitive to loud noises. It seems that wasn’t enough to keep the island tourist destination and Parisian DJ on their toes, as Guetta’s signature “F*** Me i’m Famous” residency just released an extremely racist depiction of Native American culture.

This video goes far beyond the already tired argument concerning war bonnets at music festivals. People, we presume, are now aware that it’s wrong–they just do it anyway to remain “fashionable,” and that’s a completely separate issue. The issue in this video is the actual depiction of Native American cultural practices, rather than attire.

The video depicts women carrying a totem pole (not the raving kind) on the beach, while enacting war cries and wearing face paint. That doesn’t even begin to describe the racist stage decorations within Pacha itself, or the dressed up women hanging from adorned horseshoes wearing pasties.
The aforementioned horse stunt:

David Guetta Subjected a Live Horse to His Native American Themed Club Party

Swift backlash

Natives and their allies quickly responded:

F*** Me I'm Famous videos receive backlash from indigenous community

Spanish nightclub being called out for racist images of First Nations women

By Kim Wheeler
A nightclub in Spain is getting a lot of buzz from Canada on its Facebook page.

Videos that were released on July 1 to promote the F*** Me I'm Famous DJ shows featuring David Guetta at the Pacha nightclub in Ibiza, Spain, are being criticized for their racist and stereotypical images of indigenous women.

The scantily clad women in the video are shown wearing headdresses, face paint and other indigenous-inspired designs while doing "war whoops."

Ojibwe hip-hop artist Cody Coyote has started his own Facebook page called End F*** Me I'm Famous.

"I started the group because after seeing the images and videos posted on their page, I felt offended," Coyote said in an interview.

"For this kind of stuff to exist, it makes me absolutely sick to my stomach, and it frustrates me knowing that some people think it's OK to do this kind of thing."

This Ibiza Nightclub's Native American Theme Parties May Be Worst We've Ever SeenOn the Mediterranean party island of Ibiza, off the coast of Spain, a nightclub and famous French DJ are perpetrating a display of tasteless cultural appropriation, trivialization, and female sexualization that may rival any other we've seen in recent years.

David Guetta is the headliner of "F**k Me I'm Famous," a summer-long series of parties at the Ibiza club Pacha that are using a Native American theme that incorporates face-painted models in buckskin bikinis and headdresses (often called "warbonnets") and male models in similar outfits. Props hanging on the walls in Pacha include huge dreamcatchers and a pearl-handled revolver; in a photo shoot conducted on a beach, faux-Native models planted a mock totem pole in the sand to the sound of war whoops.

As if this mockery of Native culture wasn't enough, Guetta and Pacha have outraged animal activists as well with one stunt that was posted to YouTube (scroll to the bottom of this article to see it). During a loud, chaotic dance-music set, a faux-Native model rides a real horse out onto the stage, subjecting the animal to a noise level that many humans would deem painful.

For those unfamiliar with dance music: Guetta is one of the most famous DJs in the world. Wikipedia states that he has sold over 9 million albums and 30 million singles worldwide. Billboard magazine named his 2009 single "When Love Takes Over," made with Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child, the greatest dance-pop collaboration of all time.

Reaction to these antics has been intense. On the YouTube page hosting the video and the "F**k me I'm Famous" Facebook photo galleries hosting the dozens of photos, Natives and other concerned parties are calling the DJ and nightclub out as racist and condemning the smiling participants as idiots. Here's one choice response:

F*** Me I'm Famous? More like F*** Me I'm Racist and Misogynist!!!! DJ culturally appropriates sacred regalia and objects and organises an event which will be little more than a huge piss-up involving the worst common denominator of all kinds of mindless, soulless trash in Spain. I'm sure Ibizans are sick of this as well. Now, to literally wipe your white supremacist ignorant arrogance over all over 500+ years of genocide and genocidal misogyny... that takes a whole new level of wilful ignorance, because I doubt that someone marketing himself as "hip" and "edgy" is unaware of the issues. Bravo, David Guetta!!!
Visit the link above to see many of the offensive images.

Here's another typical response from Facebook:Here' what I posted on his page... I absolutely love your music ....but I am fkg furious at your racist and misogynistic usage of MY PEOPLE'S SACRED REGALIA! Shame on you! Please be better...how many more Native and First Nations women have to be raped and killed and our kids committing suicide... before Americans & Europeans stop sexualizing and demeaning our culture! Wasn't 2 million dead ENOUGH for the bloodlust? 500 yrs of this crap...never ends FFS! ‪#‎StopNativeAppropriation‬ ‪#‎NotYourMascot‬ ‪#‎NotYourCostume‬

The inevitable outcome

A day later....

David Guetta deletes offensive promo video after massive fan backlash

By Nick JarvisDavid Guetta’s ‘Wild West’-themed F**k Me I’m Famous residency at Pacha Ibiza has received a whole lot of coverage in the past week, but not for a good reason. The mainstage star has been soundly chastised by the internet for two major faux pas.And:The culturally-offensive promo video has since been quietly removed from Facebook, while the gallery from the Thursday 2 July FMIF party shows that the club seems to have dropped the cultural-appropriation angle in favour of ‘Sexy Cowgirl’ costumes, so that’s something. FMIF continues its weekly residency until Thursday 27 August, with guests like Showtek, R3hab and Chuckie still to come.Based on FMIF's latest photos, the Wild West theme continued with gun and dreamcatcher signs, plus a few sexy cowgirls, but nobody in faux Indian costumes. Good enough.

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