September 04, 2006

Americans in denial

American Indian view of history:  Anthology created by local author"America has amnesia," says UCLA professor and leading American Indian writer Paula Gunn Allen in MariJo Moore's landmark book, "Eating Fire, Tasting Blood: An Anthology of the American Indian Holocaust." Allen goes on to indicate the healing way out of American loneliness to reclaim our "lost unconscious" and a native "belonging."

Americans have engaged, many of the anthology's contributors point out, in what Jay Hansford C. Vest calls "the greatest episode of genocide in world history." Statistical as well as historical accounts bear this view out; yet it seems too painful to comprehend.

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Rob said...

How many Americans who say "we had nothing to do with that" are willing to uphold the treaties we signed, fund services at the necessary levels, or pay back the trust fund losses? Not many, I suspect. These Americans may be less genocidal than their ancestors, but they're just as greedy and selfish.