September 28, 2006

Another Indian "mobster" <yawn>

Milanovich called "Chief Greedovich," compared to Godfather


Not a Sioux said...

Interesting account there of a corrupt union bullying the Natives as well as the workers. As long as California has a "closed shop" situation where unions end up forcing workers to join against their will, I support the efforts of any organization (of course including tribes) to keep unions from bullying their workers.

I applaud Chairman Milanovich's work to keep his casino workers from being forced to waste their wages on political issues.

I think it is a quite reasonable expression of Native tribal sovereignty to keep outside organizations such as the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union from intruding so they can harass people and forcibly extract campaign contributions and other such funds from people who work for the tribe.

You also can't call this Chief a "union breaker". He hasn't lifted a finger to prevent any workers from voluntarily giving their money to the union.

Rob said...

Well, author Marc Cooper did suggest that Milanovich is a union buster. I'm glad Jake Coin wrote his article to contradict this claim. My posting wasn't complete without it.

Not a Sioux said...

If workers are forced to join the CWA (which is mentioned in Coin's article as being on tribal lands) as a condition of employment, I don't support that either. Such a decision should be left to the workers.