September 24, 2006

PEACE PARTY tonight!

Reminder:  PEACE PARTY will be in The War at Home tonight (I hope) on Fox at 9:30 PST.


Not a Sioux said...

"Peace Party" has already appeared!

During the Fox Football Lions and Packers game, they aired a promo about about 2:10 Eastern time (11:10 AM Pacific) for the episode "The War at Home". The promo was very short. However, much of it took place at the comic book convention. The "Peace Party" logo with yellow background was prominent and easily visible in the foreground.

I would expect that this same promo will appear throughout much of Fox's NFL Sunday.

Rob said...

Wow. In terms of viewers, that might be more exposure than we get during the show itself.

I'll have to check the statistics to see if there's a spike in traffic today or tomorrow. I'll try to include this info in my post-show report.

Not a Sioux said...

Well, at least at this point we know the answer to the question of whether or not the "Peace Party" appearance was edited out.

Not a Sioux said...

on again: I saw the Peace Party logo in the small promo for "The War at Home" shown at the end of "Family Guy".