September 29, 2006

The Redskin-macaca connection

Harjo:  'N-word,' 'R-word,' Redmen and more macacaThis must be very confusing to Allen. He can say the “R-word” with impunity, but recriminations abound when he uses the “N-word” or “macaca.” It may be that he and others use the “R-word” with impunity because they can't get away with the other words they'd like to use. They fling around the “R-word” because they can.

The “R-word” and other “Indian” references in sports are public camouflage for bigotry. Not only can the bigots use racial stereotypes and slurs right out in the open, they can wrap themselves in them like flags and mock the people they are offending for daring to say they are offended.

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