September 23, 2006

Healing through Mt. Rushmore

Rushmore Chief Hopes Monument Becomes Place Of HealingBaker knows many Indians hold on to bad feelings about Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills, and he's not expecting everyone to say, "We accept this." But he hopes Mount Rushmore can become a place for learning and healing for American Indians with Thursday's launch of a self-guided audio tour in several languages--including Lakota.

"Ca wokisuya ki le justice na democracy ki Americans Indians ki wicakco na wiyuskinyan He Sapa el unpi kta," the Lakota language version welcomes.

Translation: "This memorial to justice and democracy now invites American Indians to celebrate and teach their culture here in the heart of the He Sapa, place of the black cedar."


Rob said...

Putting Reagan on Mt. Rushmore would be the least therapeutic and most divisive act since Bush invaded Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...take it easy guys. Reagan ain't gonna be on Mt. Rushmore. Last I heard, Kevin Costner bought it along with his thousands of other acres in the Black Hills and is going to have his face added.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Colbert already carved himself on Mt. Rushmore.... Watch this video!