September 27, 2006

Debating dubious literature

Reaction to Slapin’s review of Touching Spirit BearIT IS FICTION! JUST A STORY! It doesn’t matter if it is accurate or not.

Debbie: If a work of fiction said that 2+2=7, everybody would know it was a mistake. But we, as a society, know so little about American Indians that we don’t know when American Indian cultures are being misrepresented, stereotyped, or otherwise inappropriately used.
Comment:  I'm sure this poster wouldn't mind if we put Dubya in a clown suit for a movie version of 9/11. Why not, if it's clearly labeled fiction? "It's just a movie. It doesn't matter."

Yeah, right. See "It's Just a [Fill in the Blank]" for more of this kind of thinking.

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