September 30, 2006

Skins show some skin

21st Century Skins calendar focuses on Native entertainersThe second edition of the 21st Century Skins calendar of Native men is hot off the press with pictures that highlight well-known entertainers along with up-and-coming talent from various American Indian tribes and nations.

The project is a venture of Viewfinder Photographs, owned by Navajo photographer Mihio Manus and his wife, Shaunya, the publication coordinator. Their first calendar of Indian men debuted last year with the help of Tatanka Means Inc., and 1,500 copies were printed on a shoestring budget. This year, based on popular demand, the initial run has been doubled.


velma said...

i think mihio and shaunya are doing a fantastic job. i'm also ecstatic that when i did a blog search (out of curiosity) on the manus's, i pulled up five results... in all seriousness, whoa...

Rob said...

Interesting. If you search Technorati for "Mihio Manus," Newspaper Rock comes up first. I didn't whether my postings showed up at all in Technorati, so that's good news.

But Newspaper Rock also comes up if you search for "Yeagley." But not if if you search for "Columbus Day" or "Apocalypto." I guess we're only popular enough to be listed on the most obscure searches.

Oh, well. Thanks for joining us, Velma.