September 27, 2006

Canceled show goes Native

A followup to my Indian Comics Irregular essay The Wonder of Wonderfalls:

The first episode of the late, lamented Wonderfalls hinted at a Native American connection, but the unaired 12th episode, "Totem Mole," made it almost clear. A summary:After visiting the Satsuma Reservation, Jaye tries to help Bill Hooton (Winnipeg native Ryan Black) follow in his grandmother's footsteps as spiritual leader of the tribe—but all the signs suggest that Jaye is the real seer. Meanwhile, Sharon has an unpleasant encounter with former law school rival Diana Littlefoot (Alex Rice), and Mahandra tries to verify her own Satsuma heritage so that she can qualify for a grant to pay off her student loans.For the full story on this episode, go to Wonderfalls:  "Totem Mole."

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