September 19, 2006

FSU to teach Seminole history

At FSU, students learn the history of university's namesake tribeNearly 60 years ago, Florida State University students voted to adopt the name "Seminoles" for the school's athletic teams. Now, FSU students are able to learn more about the history and culture of this "unconquered" American Indian tribe through a newly created course, "History of the Seminoles and Southeastern Tribes, Pre-Contact to Present."

Introduced this semester as an elective course for undergraduates, its 45 seats were immediately filled.
Comment:  FSU begins to do what it could have and should have done decades ago. Yippie.

For the background to this story, see Why FSU's Seminoles Aren't Okay.


Anonymous said...

I know an Odawa speaker who had trouble with a major university's language requirements. They required a certain number of languages be spoken for some particular position, but Odawa "did not count"

Rob said...

I agree the class is a sop, but it's a good sop. Let's hope FSU continues it and counts it toward the course requirements.

The situation facing Native languages is indeed dire. I'm doing what little I can by posting info on it in my Pictographs blog.

Rob said...

I think the Blogger site gets too much traffic at times and can't handle it. But I can handle it by deleting duplicate postings. ;-)