January 05, 2007

Gerald Ford and Michigamua

In their own words:  What Ford meant to the UniversityAs a member of the Michigamua class of 1935 and an active alumnus, Gerald Ford had a special relationship that each senior class held in high honor. In addition to his visits with the football team, President Ford enjoyed staying connected to student leaders by meeting with us in the Michigan Union and sending encouragement throughout the years. He enriched our knowledge of the past, helped us illuminate the issues of today and inspired us for tomorrow.

While he was in the White House, Ford sent opening remarks to Michigamua to support them during the organization's 75th anniversary. Prior to Michigamua's 100th anniversary, Ford met with the men and women of the classes of 1999 and 2000 to offer counsel on how to manage the group through change and emphasized that we should continue to lead with integrity.


Rob said...

We're not talking about Ford's participation in the society so much as the society itself. Ford is just the news hook. It's interesting to me that a former president belonged to such a group.

Rob said...

Ford was alive when he was a member. Obviously.