January 05, 2007

SCALPED is coming


Area comic book writer explores crime, corruption on the reservation[T]he Kansas City-based Aaron has published two of his original projects through Vertigo, the adult imprint of DC Comics.

The first was “The Other Side,” a Vietnam War miniseries told from the perspective of the Viet Cong. This week will see the international release of Aaron’s second comic book series, “Scalped.”

“It’s a crime series set on a modern day Indian reservation, in large part revolving around Indian gaming and a recently opened casino,” he explains.

“It’s set on a fictional reservation, but one that’s obviously inspired by the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota, which is the real-life poorest region in the United States. It deals with everything from the rich history of the Plains Indians and the 1970s when you had the American Indian movement, up through today when you have horrible living conditions, alcoholism and loss of cultural identity.”

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Rob said...

This is the first I've heard of COWBOYS & ALIENS, but I'll report on it soon.