November 07, 2007

Culturally sensitive golf course

The Journey at Pechanga announces completion of construction[B]ecause it all took shape on Native American land, everything was done with extreme environmental and cultural sensitivity. Pechanga culture believes that spirits reside in oak trees and elderberry bushes, so they must be respected and protected. We moved 150 oak trees, as opposed to cutting them down. Some were simply untouchable, as were several burial grounds, of course, and so holes were carefully routed to accommodate them."

Forrest delights in The Journey's on-course cultural exhibits such as wooden teepees and cedar houses that tell the story of the Pechanga people. He loves how the exhibits contrast with the layout's modern design touches: the man-made water features on the 5th and 13th holes and the impressive bridges that span the property's many canyons and dry washes.

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