November 06, 2007

Limbaugh bashes Yup'ik teen

Alaskan youth testifies on the Hill—and draws Limbaugh's ireCharlee Lockwood has never heard of Rush Limbaugh or listened to his radio program, and perhaps it's just as well.

On Monday, the talk radio king told listeners that Democrats were exploiting the 18-year-old Yupik Eskimo, and that her emotional testimony that day in front of a U.S. House committee on global warming made him "really want to puke. I just want to throw up."

"It's the Democrats exploiting a young child, ladies and gentlemen, for the advancement of a political issue that will grow the size of government and increase their control over everyone," Limbaugh told listeners of the 600 stations nationwide that carry his show.
Others defend Lockwood:"For Rush Limbaugh to make fun of young people coming in and trying to be a part of the political process, it really shows a disdain for political discourse and for the role of young people in that political discourse," said Eben Burnham-Snyder, a spokesman for the chairman of the committee, Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass.

Limbaugh's attack on the teenager was "outrageous and grotesque," said Deborah Williams, an Anchorage environmentalist who accompanied Lockwood on the teen's first trip to the nation's capital in 2005. It's one thing to take aim at a public figure, Williams said, but it's quite another to attack someone young and eager to participate in the democratic process."
Comment:  For more of Limbaugh's attacks on Indians, see Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Racist.

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Well, 'Rush-To-Judgment' Limbaugh rarely gets any of writerfella's words or even any of writerfella's notice. And all writerfella has to say is, kinda funny someone talking about others suposedly increasing "their control over everyone," epecially when the speaker has millions of devoted listeners to the 600 stations nationwide that carry his show...
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