November 05, 2007

Playwright started as Navajo tooth

Not In The Script

Playwright Eric Coble Juggles Success, Family And Now PoliticsTalk about humble beginnings. Playwright Eric Coble's first experience in live performance involved his endearing turn as a tooth in a dental-themed school play on an Indian reservation. He was in third grade at the time.

"Mom traveled all over the place," explains Coble, who was born in Scotland. "She went to New York. She went to San Diego, Kansas, Puerto Rico. For a while she went to Europe. She wasn't interested in settling down and having a family, but she was interested in having a child.

"I have no idea why we ended on an Indian reservation, but when I was 3, my mother decided to become a teacher even though she had never taught, so we moved to the Navajo reservation [in New Mexico]."

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