November 08, 2007

Spend eternity with Chief Wahoo

Now it's possible to really live and die with the Cleveland IndiansFans who live and die with the Tribe can now spend eternity with the team, too.

A firm that promotes Major League Baseball-licensed urns and coffins rolled out an Indians vase this summer and plans to add a Tribe casket next year.

The Indians urn, like those of the other 11 major-league teams issued so far, sits on a base shaped like home plate and is designed in the grainy wood of a baseball bat.

A name plate above Chief Wahoo in front proclaims the deceased as a major-league-recognized lifelong fan of the Indians. A dome on top holds an autographed baseball--perhaps one cherished by the departed or a ball passed around to sign at the funeral.
Comment:  Since the depiction of the urn doesn't match its description, I presume someone fabricated the picture.

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