July 08, 2008

How Indians built monuments

Man Moves Huge Blocks!

Comment:  I've read other explanations of how ancient people built the pyramids and raised the stones at Stonehenge and the moai on Easter Island. I think these explanations involved related but different techniques. And of course the ancients could've used levers and pulleys, since I doubt these methods were totally unknown.

In short, the von Däniken/Spielberg theory that "primitive" people needed extraterrestrial help to build large monuments is flatly wrong.

For more on the subject, see Indiana Jones and the Stereotypes of Doom.

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writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Oh, then 'Stealth' technology was developed by American scientific genius rather than being reverse engineered (read: US Military Retroanalysis Command, which exists!) from captured spacecraft after the Roswell Incident. Erik von Daniken, where are you when we need you? Or Nikola Tesla, for that matter, as his belongings and technological research documents were sealed by the US Government under the Alien Properties Act after his death in 1943, EVEN THOUGH TESLA WAS A NATURALIZED CITIZEN SINCE 1897...
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Russ Bates